Original Content- Creating the Winning Pitch Deck

How to Create the Perfect Investor Pitch Deck

Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck to Present to Investors, Clients and Venture Capitals

Just Starting Out as an Entrepreneur?  Looking For Investor Funding?  Have a Proven Business That Needs Funding To Grow?  

You need startup pitch decks that stand out, grab an investor’s attention and get your start-up or idea funded. 

Designed especially for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who want to pitch to investors, clients or venture capitalists, this course will help prepare you with Initial Pitching Tips, anticipate Pitching Questions, develop a Pitch Deck Flow, get started with Pitch Deck Examples and Templates, and more

What You Will Learn to Create the Perfect Pitch Deck ...


The Pitch Deck Grab

Learn how to develop and lead with your compelling statement on your big idea. Includes an overview on:

- what is a pitch deck?
- how to write the best pitch decks?


The Problem with Startup Pitch Decks

Find out how to clearly articulate the big problem out there which your big idea will solve.


The Pitching Solution

Define your product or service offering and your target market. Learn how to position this in your startup pitch decks.


The Opportunity

Discover how to break down the basic market segmentation, size, growth and dynamics in order to provide your pitch audience with a sense of the size of the opportunity.


The Competitive Advantage

Gain insights on how to differentiate yourself, your product or service offering from the other competitors in the market. Learn how to position your competition slide in the pitch deck


The Business Model

Dive into the numbers.
• How will you generate revenue?
• What are the channels or streams?
• How profitable is your new venture?
• What is your cost structure?
• What is the impact of giving out your product or service for free during promotions or campaigns?


The Team

Show how your team is uniquely qualified to win in the market. Includes key functions such as
- sales and marketing
- finance


The Presentation

Identify the key things to prepare for an investor meeting. Determine if you are ready by running through the pitch test.
- Is a pitch deck software necessary?
- What is the ideal number of slides in a pitch deck?
- How much detail is needed in pitch decks? - Is a pitch deck disclaimer needed?


Bonus Materials - Pitch Deck Templates and Examples

Also includes:
• Initial Pitching Tips
• Pitching Questions
• and more

Start learning how to create your winning pitch decks today

  • Self-paced learning option
  • Course Videos and readings
  • Practice Exercises
  • Sample materials

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Succinct. To the point. Love the teaching style and process used to show how to put together a pitch deck that investors are looking for
Howard Chavez​
Simple, straightforward advice with a good template to help me design a first draft pitch deck.
Startup Founder
Lucas Elliot
Startup founder