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Helping entrepreneurs throughout the different stages of your business lifecycle

Zero to One Million

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to kickstart your business? Have you considered the feasibility of your business, and asked yourself if you have what it takes to make it a success?  At this seed and development stage, how do you evaluate the viability of your new venture?

One to 10 Million

Your startup is up and running. This is potentially the riskiest stage in the business.

How do you break past the $1M barrier and take it to the next level?  With all the changes going on, how do you continuously adapt and gain the clarity you need?

10 to 100 Million

Your business is now generating a consistent source of income and regularly taking on new customers. Cash flow has started to improve, and you are even starting to see profits improve slowly and steadily.

Now, your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is the increasing demands on your time while you manage the business, and figure out how to grow your enterprise even more.

Bespoke strategies tailored with proprietary secrets from how to become an entrepreneur to how to keep entrepreneurs ahead of the competition

One-on-one coaching, interactive training and curated resources to help each and every entrepreneur excel in your management, leadership, communication and problem solving skills. Bespoke and tailored program to suit your journey from novice to expert without the need for information overload.

Go To Market Strategy

The strategy and key skills that benefit each entrepreneur in overcoming difficult challenges: How to start a business? What are the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs? Is Entrepreneurship for me?
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Startup Funding

Understand how to secure funding, key financing concepts and get a guide to secure funding. How to fundraise? What is a sales pitch? Ideal for an aspiring entrepreneur or active entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business.
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Personal Growth

Self improvement.
Develop self awareness.
Build self confidence.
Accelerate growth.
Achieve success.
Get what you want out of life.
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Success Stories and Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Coach Kelvin is efficient, well-organized, and strategic. He sees the bigger picture that helped bring stability to our early-stage startup


Kelvin is an excellent strategist, he excels at taking vague disparate and disconnected ideas and concentrating them into a solid actionable plan.

Senior Director

Kelvin is fantastic at jumping into complex, ambitious and creative business challenges and manages to shape the path to achievable outcomes.  

Managing Director

Our clients come from organizations big and small from around the world 

Join the many leaders from this organizations that have benefited from my trainings and coachings.

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A few interesting facts about Coach Kelvin:

Creator and host of The Renegade Show
Inventor with patent registered in US, Australia and Canada
Early stage angel investor in technology startups
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The Renegade Show Podcast Guests

“All hail the pioneers, rebels, mavericks & mutineers”. A tribute to the modern day renegades – entrepreneurs, innovators, philosophers and community organizers who are making a dent in the universe. Awaken your inner trailblazer to creating a legendary life as you listen to them share their secret strategies and tactics.

Danish Dhamani

The Founder
Listen as Danish shares his experiences in building a global technology company whose mission is predicated on the basis that strong communication skills open doors in all aspects of life – whether at work, in your community, or with family & friends. The team at Orai wants to make a world full of confident communicators. He shares his points of view on company building whether its creating a culture, managing remote teams, managing venture capital funding and many more pragmatic perspectives. This is an episode not to be missed for every aspiring entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

Juliana Cen

Wonder Woman
An inspirational leader, Juliana grew up in a small town in Indonesia, harboring dreams of rising to the heights of influence and leadership in a region and industry often dominated by male counterparts. Today she has risen to the top of the computer hardware industry, becoming the Country Leader of Asus, before making 180 degree turn and transitioning to software & cloud leader Microsoft thereafter as their Senior Segment Leader. Here is her story.

Lawrance Annies

The Eternal Optimist
Lawrance shares with us the faith required to change careers and life paths from the hospitality industry to making four other subsequent transitions in his journey, as he moved from risk management, business process outsourcing, call center and now to a Founder & CEO of his own business. Lawrance speaks to us about what being a member of the Free Mason group means to him and how he embraces servant leadership as new way of life.

Peter Yeargin

The Knowledge Broker
Entrepreneur Peter Yeargin shares his entrepreneurial journey, which began with the CIA. It led to the launch of his own startup Sage in the summer of 2020, with a mission to democratize knowledge and expertise in the world. Sage was born out of Peter’s own need to solve a challenge that many people including himself was facing – an on-demand platform built to connect people who need advice with those who have it. Sage provides the personal 1-on-1 interaction, between people with knowledge and people that need it. Peter talks about the challenges of having a full time job and building a business on the side while managing work life balance, the tough competitive nature of building online marketplaces and navigating a post-Covid world in company building. An episode not to be missed for anyone looking to learn what it take to launch a business in a midst of a pandemic.

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