Coach Kelvin

Play for results, Create Possibilities and Add Value

Do you want to

  • play better for results,
  • win on your own terms,
  • grow in awareness and confidence AND
  • have a LOT of fun in the process?

Shift from work to PLAY.  Adopt a "GAME" framework in your personal, business and leadership life.

As players who are playing the game of life, we should all be able to play better, play bigger and play life to its fullest.

My Play 2 Win program is designed to bring out the spirit of play that is in all of us, and to allow us to achieve our goals and be fulfilled in finding our life's purpose and passion.

If you are interested in discovering that you were created to play life, and not just work at life, drop me a line to setup a complimentary discovery session and experience a breakthrough in that session.


Week 1. Define the game

Clarify the purpose of the game

Explore values

Week 2. Design the external game

Identify the Objectives:

  • Outcomes,
  • Mastery,
  • Becomings, and
  • Upgrades

Week 3. Design the Internal Game

Identify the RACE:

  • Results,
  • Actions,
  • Challenges and
  • Evaluation

Week 4. Play for Results

Discover how you respond to the “challenge” of creating results vs. just getting it done.

Discover what you need

Week 5. Embrace Challenges

Embrace resourcefulness

Week 6. Evaluate What Matters

Evaluate results and feedback with judgment-free awareness

Learn and make a plan for growth.

Week 7. Game Plan

Use the strategies of the game to leverage strengths

Week 8. Practice Skills

Create a personalized learning plan

Week 9. Expand Inner Freedom

Understand awareness of fear

Become a Legend..

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