Go To Market Strategy

How to be a successful entrepreneur?​

Go To Market Strategy and Plan

Designed for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who want to understand how to build their sales operations, a critical component of any highly functioning sales organization. Individuals on a sales operations team work to help you successfully execute your go-to-market strategy and, in turn, grow your business.

Unsure what a Go To Market Strategy and Plan is?  What you need to know to write your Go-To-Market Strategy and Plan?  How to create a Go-To-Market Strategy and Plan?  Read what Coach Kelvin has to say about What Startups need to build a Go-to-Market Strategy and Plan

What you will learn in this course


Welcome to the program. Learn the differences between strategy and tactics in business.

  • What is Strategy?
  • How does my strategy impact my long range goal, overall business impact, ultimate accomplishment and long term position in the marketplace, ultimate perception you want your clients, employees and prospects have about you?
  • What are key tactics to drive my go-to-market plan for my existing products?

Why Now? Case for Change

Why Now and Why You? Understand the 4th Industrial Revolution and it’s impact on your business, products and services.

Dive into the different types Strategy: Traditional, Disruptive, and Blue Ocean. Ascertain where strategy can be applied in Personal, Business, Digital, Analytics, and Growth.

What are the pain points driving this change?

Current State Diagnostic

Gain insights into your executive personality traits, whether it be strategic, tactical or a hybrid.

  • Know Yourself. Are you strategic or tactical?
  • Know Your Industry. Do a SWOT analysis. Identify your target market
  • Know Your Business. Learn how to do an Operating and Business Model. What is my product market fit?
  • Know Your Team. Who are the decision makers? How strong is your support team?
  • Know Your Customer – figure out the buyer persona of the potential customer.

Future State Design

Discover the best ways to build your Business Plan, Business Model, Digital Strategy, Analytics Strategy and Operating Model

  • How to develop the ideas & vision and execute the policies, people and training, technology?
  • How to use technology, digital and data as leverage and unfair advantage for your business?
  • How to identify if your employee is an artist, entrepreneur or manager?
  • How to oscillate between strategy & tactics across sales, marketing, customer experience & growth? What is the sales strategy? What is the marketing plan? How to improve content marketing? How specific are your tactics to your target audience?
  • How your strategic effort supports / helps your business position and sells your product?


Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly.

Learn about the Prioritization Heatmap, ROI (Return on Investment) Calculation.

  • What are the strategic objectives of each tactical effort?
  • How many strategic objectives can you accomplish per tactic?
  • What would you like to happen in a sales interaction be it a call, email or chat with a prospect? 
  • What is the optional structure for sales teams? What are the best options to incentivize the regional sales rep?
  • How to maximize all my resources at the tactical level for people, process and technology?
  • How to 10x results and what is the ROI for each tactic that you are deploying?
  • How to implement the tactics and strategic objective to drive pricing efficiency and effectiveness?
  • How to reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

Bonus Material

Strategic Planning

Strategic Thinking

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Emphasizes discipline, determination and lots of common sense around standardization, time management, and true focus on organizational alignment to drive efficiency and improvement
Evan W.
It teaches you step by step how to build a GTM strategy and plan. Was very helpful with my product launch.
Jane H.
Startup founder