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As an executive life coach, I coach entrepreneurs and leaders

  • Seeking career transitions;
  • Experiencing mid-life career stagnation / burnouts; and
  • Looking to accelerate their personal growth

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Play 2 Win* Program

Week 1. Define the Game: Clarify the purpose of the game; Explore values
Week 2. Design the External Game: Identify the Objectives: Outcomes, Mastery, Becomings and Upgrades
Week 3. Design the Internal Game: Identify the RACE: Results, Actions, Challenges and Evaluation
Week 4. Play for Results: Discover how you respond to the “challenge” of creating results vs. just getting it done. Discover what you need
Week 5. Embrace Challenges: Embrace resourcefulness
Week 6. Evaluate What Matters: Evaluate results and feedback with judgment-free awareness; Learn and make a plan for growth.
Week 7. Game Plan: Use the strategies of the game to leverage strengths
Week 8. Practice Skills: Create a personalized learning plan
Week 9. Expand Inner Freedom: Understand awareness of fear
Week 10. Expand World Power: Design a winning environment.  Create conditions for sustainable success.
Week 11. Pursuit of Mastery
Week 12. Pursuit of Human Greatness

* Copyright 2015 Dave Buck; Coachville™  

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