Coach Kelvin

Bring out the Legend in You

As an executive life coach, I coach entrepreneurs and leaders

  • Seeking career transitions;
  • Embarking on new business;
  • Building a world changing product or service;
  • Experimenting with Innovation & Transformation;
  • Experiencing mid career stagnation / burnouts; and
  • Looking to accelerate their personal growth

My Story

As an angel investor and analytics advisor in Artificial Intelligence & Data Governance, I enable the monetization of data assets for my clients. It is my belief that Information has finally taken its rightful place in front of Technology (hence, the “I” before “T” in IT); and data is the new oil powering our businesses in the 21st Century.

My insight gained from being an early stage angel investor in technology startups; and a senior executive with Accenture & PwC, leading advisory practices and advising Global Fortune 50 clients; has provided me with a unique vantage point = enabling me to invest in the future of technology and see changes before it becomes mainstream. This gives my clients a competitive advantage in a fast-changing, disrupted world.

Islandreamz Innovation Inc is a bespoke executive coaching and technology advisory practice, founded with the mission to inspire, educate and empower entrepreneurs and senior executives to PLAY BIGGER and PLAY BETTER.

Islandreamz provides strategic & pragmatic analytics strategy, architecture, governance and operating model advice and solutions, which help our clients make data-driven business decisions at speed and at scale.

As Executive Coach, I deliver executive coaching seminars and innovation workshops for entrepreneurs and leaders seeking personal growth and looking to accelerate their business and their organization. I provide the following services to seed stage and series A technology startups :

Play 2 Win* Program

Week 1. Define the Game: Clarify the purpose of the game; Explore values
Week 2. Design the External Game: Identify the Objectives: Outcomes, Mastery, Becomings and Upgrades
Week 3. Design the Internal Game: Identify the RACE: Results, Actions, Challenges and Evaluation
Week 4. Play for Results: Discover how you respond to the “challenge” of creating results vs. just getting it done. Discover what you need
Week 5. Embrace Challenges: Embrace resourcefulness
Week 6. Evaluate What Matters: Evaluate results and feedback with judgment-free awareness; Learn and make a plan for growth.
Week 7. Game Plan: Use the strategies of the game to leverage strengths
Week 8. Practice Skills: Create a personalized learning plan
Week 9. Expand Inner Freedom: Understand awareness of fear
Week 10. Expand World Power: Design a winning environment.  Create conditions for sustainable success.
Week 11. Pursuit of Mastery
Week 12. Pursuit of Human Greatness

* Copyright 2015 Dave Buck; Coachville™  

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